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Robert Palmer CEO of RP Funding is the financial resource that consumers have been waiting for. From personal finance, debt management, home ownership and beyond Robert Palmer takes to Saving Thousands Radio Network to help consumers like you enrich their lives. Consumers who listen to Saving Thousands and follow the Saving Thousands Rules quickly become the empowered consumer that big financial corporations fear. You no longer have to be a Financial Zombie!

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Department Store Credit Cards, Are They Worth It?

March 16th, 2016|Comments Off on Department Store Credit Cards, Are They Worth It?

So You’ve Been Served, Here’s What You Do Next

February 29th, 2016|0 Comments

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Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments: Pay Your Home Off Faster

There’s a — it’s a pretty cool concept — for a lot of people they get paid 26 times a […]

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How a Cash Out Refinance Benefits You


Here’s the beautiful thing, Rob. Let’s say you have a financial need to get your hands on some cash. Maybe […]

  • Home Buying Knowledge

FHA Streamline Refinance: How it Works

Here’s the deal. The government said, you know what, we want to make sure it’s very easy for people to […]

  • Robert Palmer in Studio

Robert Palmer Talks Home Values & The Real Estate Market

Here is what you can expect from this week’s show of Saving Thousands with Robert Palmer. Find a radio station […]

  • Reviews and Scams

Checking Scams, Reviews and Complaints

Checking Company References: Scams, Reviews and Complaints

Let’s talk about one of our favorite rules. That is the importance of not […]

  • College House

Kiddie Condo: Buying a Home For Your College Student

How a Kiddie Condo Can Help Parents and Students
Website visitors and listeners have long taken advantage of Ask RP, an […]

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Department Store Credit Cards, Are They Worth It?

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Stop Paying Private Mortgage Insurance

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