For this week’s in our Saving Thousands Weekly Roundup, we are talking about the best ways to be smart with your money including how to make managing your money simple, cautious spending and buying a home.
3 Hacks to Make Managing Your Money a Breeze  ( When you’re crunched for time, here are three things you can do to keep your finances on the right track.

7 Small Money Moves That Will Help You Achieve Your Life Goals   ( – By creating a ”Little Budget Diary” that fits your needs, prioritizing debt, and starting early, you can have a downright luxurious retirement.

Millennials Have Crisis in Confidence Over Homeownership   ( –  It’s clear many Millennials are renting longer and delaying the decision to buy a home; first-time homeowners currently make up 32 percent of all buyers—the lowest since 1987—compared with a historical average of 40 percent.

The 7 Debt Payoffs That Boos Your Credit Score the Most   ( – Your credit score can be a baffling thing. Your score goes up, it goes down, and it’s not always clear what is responsible for the movement.

29 Quick Money Tricks  ( – What’s a quick trick you do with money? To save, invest, or pay down debt, etc?

How to Set Smart Money Goals  ( – Figure out your overall objective, then break it down into a series of weekly or monthly goals.

Video of The Week

Is Renting or Buying the Smarter Choice  ( –  Are you torn between renting and buying? Here are a few advantages of renting that might make your decision an easier one.

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How To Save Money by Going Green, Experian #CreditChat  (

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