Money Minute: Buying a Home You Won’t Live in Forever


I don’t know why people are afraid of being a landlord. What is it about that?


People talk about the bad stuff, they don’t talk about the good stuff.

Most tenants just mail you their check every month and never mess with you. A lot of tenants will even fix minor stuff themselves because it’s not worth the hassle of calling the landlord. People are actually better about this then I think the general consensus with the public.

But, it’s a great way, if you think about it, they’re paying your house¬†off for you. Think about if you had four or five houses you were renting out, 30 years from now all of those four or five houses will be free and clear because you will have paid the mortgages off and you did it with somebody else’s money.

I just don’t know a better way to create wealth in this country.

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