Saving Thousands Rule #6, Share With Others

“If there’s a great shoe sale, what methods are you going to use to tell your friends and your sphere of influence, and your people about that?

I think at the core it starts with just being willing to have the conversation with your close friends.

Again, we have this taboo in our lives, where, you don’t want tell your friends that you’re in credit card debt. Or, you don’t want to tell your friends that you got hosed and you have a 30 percent interest rate on a department store card.

You don’t want to share these things. You don’t want to talk about your credit score. But, if you look at the other aspects of our lives that we do share- if you were going to try to get in shape and start running, and getting into fitness, you would share that.

And so, I think we have to take these same principles and move them over to personal finance.

Again, we’re kind of raised where we don’t talk about money, and we’ve got to.

The big financial companies want us not talking about it. They reinforce the taboo of this. We’ve got to break it down. We’ve got to talk about it in any way possible.”