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Money Minute: Budgets are About Changing Habits

March 30th, 2016|

Tips on Creating a Budget

It’s a great idea to create a budget. I think it’s something that most people need that they don’t have.

The best thing to do is look at your historical spending. Pull out your last 3 months worth of debit card statements, credit card statements and get 3 month worth of receipts […]


Money Minute: What You Can Write Off On Your Taxes

March 18th, 2016|

Tax Write-Offs, What You Need to Know


What can be written off on your taxes? And, is there a certain limit you have to hit before you can write things off?

Depending on your household size, and whether your filing married jointly or independently, there’s different levels. You can talk to an accountant and find out those […]


Money Minute: Pay Your Student Loans During the Grace Period

March 17th, 2016|

Attacking Student Loans During the Grace Period

Should you wait until the grace period is over to start paying on your loan?
A lot of people end up waiting until the end of the grace period. What happens is, on most loans the interest is still being accrued and it’s still be added on to the end […]


Money Minute: Low Home Appraisal and The Buyer

March 9th, 2016|

Low Home Appraisal and Your Options as a Buyer


Question: Does a low home appraisal mean the deal is totally off?

We see this happen a lot. Sometimes the seller is a little too aggressive with their asking price and the buyer gets emotionally attached, so they start bidding up. Then, all of a sudden the appraisal […]


Money Minute: First-Time Homebuyer Loans

March 8th, 2016|

First-Time Homebuyers: Loans and Credit Score


Question: Can you still get first-time homebuyer loans with no money down, even if you’re credit isn’t that great?
No Money Down Home Loans
First-time homebuyer loans in themselves are not necessarily no money down. The only loans in today’s market that have no money down, are VA Loans, which are for […]


Money Minute: Picking a Good First Home

February 25th, 2016|

How Do You Know Your Picking a Good First Home?


I’m a fan of- because I’m in this whole mindset that you should rent. You should rent the house to someone else. If you own it, rent it to someone else and let them make the payment.

So, when you’re buying your first home chances are, this is […]


Money Minute: Buying a Home, But Are Planning to Move

February 24th, 2016|

Money Minute: Buying a Home You Won’t Live in Forever


I don’t know why people are afraid of being a landlord. What is it about that?


People talk about the bad stuff, they don’t talk about the good stuff.

Most tenants just mail you their check every month and never mess with you. A lot of tenants will […]


Money Minute: Your House Won’t Sell

February 19th, 2016|

Your Options When Noone is Interested in Buying Your Home


What Can You Do If Noone has Shown Interest in Buying Your Home?

Here’s the key, if they’re still living there then it’s not really costing them anything. Because they would have to pay money to live somewhere else. We all have to have a housing expense. […]


Money Minute: Am I Too Young for a Mortgage?

February 18th, 2016|

How Young is Too Young for a Mortgage?


How do I get a mortgage at a young age?

People buy houses at eighteen, nineteen. I bought my first house at nineteen. So, if you have a decent credit score and a little bit of money down, for the down payment, there’s no age discrimination in mortgages.  The big […]


Money Minute: Why Buying Over Renting Makes Sense

February 17th, 2016|

Why You Need to Buy a Home Instead of Rent


Why isn’t renting a better option for those in their 20’s?

Owning real estate is the most powerful way to build wealth, ever in this country.

If you think about it, you buy this $150,000 house, and for the same payment you’re making rent right now, you’re reducing […]