Your Options When No One is Interested in Buying Your Home


What Can You Do If No One has Shown Interest in Buying Your Home?

Here’s the key, if they’re still living there then it’s not really costing them anything. Because they would have to pay money to live somewhere else. We all have to have a housing expense. Unless you own a home free and clear because you bought it 30 years ago, you have a housing expense.

So, if you’ve already moved out of that house- say you have a house in Tampa and you had to move to D.C. or Now York, and that house is sitting vacant, ┬áthen yeah, it’s costing you money every single month it’s vacant. Because you’re making the payment and you’re not getting to live there.

If you rented it out, you would have somebody else making that payment for you. The longer it sits vacant the more money you lose.

The key is to price the home correctly. Which again, working with the right real estate agent to make those decisions is important.

But again, really looking at that rental option. If you have the right tenant. If you’ve got a friend or somebody who you know will rent that house from, and it going to be a good tenant, I would absolutely take advantage of that.

Because every year you keep the home, it’s going to go up in value. So, selling a home a year from now is going to net you more money than selling a home today. Because you’ll have made twelve more payments. Hopefully, someone else would have made the twelve payments for you. And this is how you build wealth.